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Sr. Integration Engineer



PGS is seeking an experienced Sr. Integration Engineer. This individual requires a strong system engineering background and experience as well as a solid foundation in architecture and familiarity with Enterprise Architecture work.






  • Support and enable the development of prototypes by providing subject matter expertise of the requirements and architectural artifacts. This function includes the prototyping and integration of capabilities that leverage the evolving enterprise infrastructure and influence the Program’s vision and design tenets
  • Provide expertise and independent evaluations of application prototypes performances.
  • Provide analysis and expert opinions on the probability of a successful integration of each prototype into the overall working system.
  • Develop a methodology to integrate the disparate applications, with an inventory of the associated risks, costs, and schedule.
  • Create reference designs for the purposes of analysis and program planning. This includes independent analysis and evaluation of the internal and external interfaces of systems and overarching national security systems and enterprise systems interoperability. The analysis shall document the interaction among associated systems, including issues of performance and security arising from client interactions.
  • Assist in the creation of a unified approach to security to support the rapid prototype and evolution and innovation needs of the Program
  • Analyze and evaluate the data integration plan for ingested data sources to be used to support background investigations and continuous vetting.
  • Participate in wide-ranging engineering activities: requirements analysis, solution development, verification and validation as well as deployment.
  • Delve into and engage across multiple System Engineering domains (Infrastructure and Applications) with a focus on analytics, system functionality and customer satisfaction as the architecture evolves and matures over the software development lifecycle.
  • Provide technical knowledge and experience during the planning, execution and management of integration solutions.
  • Provide proper guidance to ensure integration services and architectures are designed, tested, documented, implemented, enhanced, and maintained according to the enterprise standards and expected service quality.
  • Develop and deliver communications to management and program-wide stakeholders.
  • Host Government technical reviews of the pilots, products, review test reports, and make recommendations to the program office.
  • Drive, influence and coordinate a secure approach to the development of solutions across the enterprise.
  • Perform other duties as assigned.




  • Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Information Systems, Cybersecurity, Engineering or a related discipline
  • 10+ years of experience; (2+ yrs) with AWS operations and services; understanding old infrastructure automation; familiarity with software development practices such as Agile/SAFe
  • Must have broad experience in the system engineering disciplines, with a focus on architectures, system of systems integration and architecture, mission use case and thread analysis and engineering.
  • Understanding of how security impacts the development pipeline with a familiarity of DevSecOps SAFe/Agile culture
  • Knowledge with AWS DevSecOps, Cloud Computing, Identity Access Management, Infrastructure as a Code, Patch Management, Secure Monitoring, Cost controls and Compliance
  • Have strong foundation of risk Management Frameworks (e.g NIST rev 4/5), well versed in practical application of risk management techniques and responsible for providing expertise regarding security risks and risk mitigation approaches




  • Top Secret SCI


  • Hybrid- telework and on-site (as needed)