Project Management Consulting

As a trusted leader in project management consulting, we can help implement efficient, budgeted, time-tested approaches to improve project & portfolio performance

  • Aligning, prioritizing, and governing change efforts across organizations
  • Delivering focused, measurable strategies that evoke product innovation
  • Ensuring transparency to support effective knowledge-sharing and decision-making
  • Ensuring traceability that include effective configuration management, project history and organizational knowledge.

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Resource Planning & Investment

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Tailored PMO Frameworks

PGS provides industry certified experts to assist in addressing common areas of each project, including scope, requirements development, resource availability, and project controls necessary for on-time delivery and cost effective deployment. We tailor our approach to meet your needs.

  • Data-Driven Program Management - We provide well-researched data and analytics (including capturing metrics) to allow clients to make informed decisions.
  • Customized Delivery Approach - We provide a flexible, holistic approach to program execution and product delivery that is requirements-driven, feature-driven, or a hybrid combination to ensure full life cycle support.
  • Multi-Disciplined Services - We provide an adaptive approach to managing projects with our diverse team of subject matter experts who proactively research new innovative technology to improve processes; develop repeatable programmatic policy and plans; and work collaboratively to provide consultancy and training to ensure transparency.

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Create & Optimize PMO Services

Explore our program management services to quantify issues and requirements, identify and mitigate risk, and provide cutting edge solutions for projects of any size and complexity

Expert Advisory

& Execution

& Coaching

With our globally recognized expertise and advisory, we can help in understanding your business requirements, managing expectations, and channeling innovation.

  • Get our time-tested and insightful Project/Portfolio advice & support.
  • Get full documentation to determine actions, approaches & recipients.
  • Seek business innovation & transformation in any specified budget & timeline.

Our experience, strategic solutions, domain expertise and commitment to your project’s success will ensure a well-organized program execution with sustainable results.

  • We embody a One-Team approach while working collaboratively with our client, partners, and program vendors to ensure successful mission execution.
  • Our resources are fully engaged from project planning through project closeout, and committed to delivering a secure, viable, feature-rich outcome.
  • We are committed to executing the right actions specific to your organization’s requirements and culture.

Through our One-Team Approach, our team of SMEs share knowledge through coaching, training and mentoring in an effort to build strong partnerships and leaders that will add value to establishing and maintaining effective and efficient PMO services. We guide our clients and partners by:

  • Providing best practice options and keeping abreast of government and industry standards to allow for smarter decision making.
  • Implementing process improvements that will lead to a more efficient PMO.
  • Working with cross-functional teams within the PMO to develop detailed project schedules, life cycle management systems, program management plans, and more.

Project Management & Governance

Bringing our expertise and tools to help businesses orchestrate and optimize a value-driven PMO

  • Building Thought Leadership - By helping you create an Enterprise Planning Process inclusive of strategic planning and alignment, goal development and portfolio management.
  • Information Security Portfolio Management - We help our client in developing and implementing an enterprise-wide Information Security portfolio and Project Management Framework that strengthens their security posture while achieving business excellence.
  • Enterprise Project Management Office - We help our client to develop and sustain a manageable, forward-thinking PMO that’s mission-focused and committed to achieving goals and objectives.

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